Empties 1

              I’ve been trying to downsize for a while. I started off obsessing over having the perfectly small makeup collection, and ridiculously  tiny closet. But the realities set in, I’ve already spent a ton of money over the last few years acquiring all this Goop. (Think all bathroom and skincare products!) so instead of throwing it out, which is the fast and easy way, I’m trying to use up what I have before I buy anymore.  I feel like this is way less wasteful. Also, how often to you really finish any makeup products? It’s hard. 

       Also this is sort of a lesson in what I like to use, what irritates me, and what I actually love and should keep in my life.  Paying attention to how my skin reacts has taught me so much about my sensitive areas!! I hope that through this I will become a more sensible cosmetic consumer. (Ha!) on to the empties!! 

Clinique moisture surge- this was a Christmas gift and came with a few other small size Clinique products.  While Clinique can be $$ their products are great for sensitive skin. This is no different. However they are not a cruelty-free brand so I will no be repurchasing. I will be searching for a new moisturizer for the summer. 

Tarte-Lights, camera Lashes- I bought this mascara because I was told that it wouldn’t irritate my delicate eyeballs. Which for most of its life it hasn’t. The tube is almost empty and I’m beginning to sometimes feel that tell-tale mascara burn. It’s time to move on to the next tube of mascara. This mascara wears great, with little flaking and little clumping.  Best for those with sensitive eyes who aren’t seeking the most dramatic of mascaras. Good everyday casual mascara.  Tarte is cruelty free so have already re-purchased a travel size for this summer. However there’s the purple faux-leather sleeve on it that’s made in china which seems unnecessary. 

That’s all I have for now! I’m struggling to use a few things up then I’ll post more!!! 
What was the last make up product you used up?