Being Green is a luxury

Glass bottles 

Recycled materials 

…are what will save our planet 

but they will cost you.

         Recently I have been paying closer attention to the packaging of things I purchase. Is that juice in the plastic bottle better than the one in the glass? Definitely. But it’s also $2.00 more expensive and has less liquid in it. How is that fair? I can’t balance my balance hunter and my need to be green BECAUSE IT IS NEVER THE BARGAIN.  This glass vs plastic price war doesn’t just stop at the juice aisle. If you are looking for new Tupperware you can buy a plastic set at a fraction of the cost of the glass ones. Now the question I have yet to be able to answer for myself is this- If I use ONE plastic container for 2 years and it prevents other plastic waste, is it worth it? Or do I HAVE to buy the more expensive glass containers in order for my impact to be truly reduced?

       This is a problem I’ve been struggling to balance. How do I make more green choices without breaking my already pay check to paycheck budget?

Here are things I am currently doing-

-stopped buying juice and soda (eliminated a massive amount plastic, but the exception is for special occasions in cans or glass)

-trying to buy produce that’s grown locally (Bananas can travel all over the world before making it to my supermarket in Canada!!)

-using reusable tote bags/refusing plastic bags at all costs

-recycling everything I can/reusing what I can

-started taking paper products home from work to recycle (we don’t have paper pickup at work)

-donating used items instead of throwing them out

-opting for items in zero/little packaging (not buying tomatoes in a plastic container was a big switch for me!!!!)

-carrying a water bottle/thermos

-using up my products before buying new ones (this is mostly makeup and hair care, which has taken some time to get through some of them!!!)

And I’m planning my first zero-waste shopping trip  to my bulk food store in the coming week.

What do you  do to reduce your footprint?

What else can be done?



A night of dancing and drinking!

Time to dress up!

But what will I wear?

                We will refer to it as The Event. A formal shindig with drinking and dancing and networking. There’s awards and dancing and drinking. Did I mention dancing and drinking? It doesn’t matter what the special event is, it could be anything from what you wear to your sister’s cat’s funeral to what you wear on your wedding day and every graduation, prom, Bar Mitzvah, first dates and funerals in between. How do we decide what to wear? Go with something you already have?  Buy something new? Borrow something?

              I am going to be fully honest, I have bought two dresses for The Event. One was a cheap $20 steal, and the other a $90 splurge. These are the two problems with my spending habits. I buy it cause it’s a good deal, or I buy it because it’s special. I don’t think that either was entirely necessary. I already have a few decent dresses and some great accent accessories that I could have come up with a new outfit with what I already had. But alas, I went I shopping.

             But I felt like I needed it. And in a way I’m happy that I have something fancy to strut around in. But I have learned to breath when shopping. Rapid decision making is how you end up with two dresses for the same Event.  But pausing for a moment before you buy anything to think “Am I making the best decision for me right now?” to shop more intentionally, purchase more intentionally. I’m hoping it will prevent two things for me. 1. The gradual creep of closet growth and 2. I won’t spend so much stupid money on stupid stuff.

              Like seriously, why did I NEED $65 of candles that was declined twice on my visa? Because I did. And I didn’t. And it’s remembering which one I want to be true.